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The leader of the group is dr. Andrei Sarbu, which has a remarkable scientific and teaching activity. The group has an extremely diverse activity: inorganic-organic hybrid polymer nanocomposite, molecularly imprinted polymers and membranes, covalent immobilization of enzymes on polymers, polymer membranes and chemical fibers obtaining, polyesters and copolyesters (aromatic/aliphatic, saturated and unsaturated, biodegradable, water dispersible) synthesis, recovery of waste polymers (especially PET) by chemical and physical methods, ecologic adhesives, ultra porous ceramic foams from polymeric nano-composite gels, designed for treatment processes of gas streams, organic-inorganic hybrid composites based on recycled polystyrene for the thermal rehabilitation of the buildings, composite armors for multiple threats protection, the obtaining and characterization of polymer with reduced flamability.

The group members are researchers with a large national and international scientific recognition in the polymer field or young people with perspectives.

The group has a good activity in various on going projects in basic and applicative research, in Excellence Research Program, in Research-Development and Innovation Program, in Nuclei Program and in Sectorial program.

The group has good international relationships with Superior Technical Institute from Lisbon-Portugal (where dr.eng. Andrei Sarbu had a postdoctoral stage of 2 years, in the period 2000-2002), University Provence Marseille-France, University Rouen-France, University Pau-France and the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava-Slovakia.

In Romania the group has fine relationships with other universities, research institutes and enterprises from big towns as: Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Braila, Piatra Neamt, Ramnicu Valcea, Pitesti, etc., very special being the relationships with the Faculty for Applied Chemistry and Material Science from the University Politechnica Bucharest and with the Chemistry Faculty of the University from Bucharest, where dr.eng. Andrei Sarbu is associated teacher. Also, there are good relationships with the chemical institutes of the Romanian Academy of Science: Organic Chemistry Center "C.D. Nenitescu", Physical Chemistry Institute "Ilie Murgulescu" and Macromolecular chemistry Institute "Petru Poni".

In November 2008, one of the group patent askings, namely: OBTAINING PROCEDURE FOR TAILORED STRUCTURE SILICON NITRIDE won the gold medal at the International Patent Contest Brussels Eureka 2008.

Interest fields:
-  Inorganic-organic polymer hybrids obtained by the polymerization of vinyl monomers in inorganic structures;
-  Polystyrene mortar hybrid composites;
-  Molecularly imprinted polymers;
-  Covalent immobilization of enzymes on polymer fibers and membranes, especially for biosensors;
-  Radical synthesis of polymers;
-  Chemical recycling of PET wastes into polyester-polyols for polyurethane foams, plasticizers for PVC, other saturated (biodegradable, waterdispersible, etc) and unsaturated polyersters;
-  Polyesters and copolyesters for fibers, molding articles, adhesives and coating materials;
-  Synthesis of polyesters polyols for polyurethane rigid foams;
-  Melt and solution spinning of chemical fibers;
-  Polymer membranes yielding;
-  Ecological adhesives;
-  Polymers and fibers characterization by specific methods;
-  Uses of polymers in biotechnology;
-  Uses of polymers for environment problems solving;
-  Nano-composites for treatment processes of gas streams;
-  Hybrid composites for thermal rehabilitation of the buildings;
-  Composite armors for multiple threats protection;
-  Polymer materials with reduced flamability.