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International Projects:
No.Project nameProgramFunctionPeriodValue
1.New approaches for SiC and Si3N4 obtaining via polymer nanocomposites and their use for structural ceramics - NASIPONACManunet ERA-NETcoordinator2013-2015480.000
Romanian Partners
2.Innovative materials for waste water purification systems to be installed in tourist and other small polluting objectives on the black sea coast - IMAWATCOBlack Sea ERA-NETcoordinator2011-2014188.692
3.Hybrid inorganic-organic ploymer nanocomposites precursors for advanced materials - HIOPONAPAM Romania-Bulgaria Bilateral ProjectCodirector2010-20124.040
4.Host-Guest Synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic polymer nanocomposites for special ceramics - SIGONAPOL Romania-France Bilateral ProjectCodirector2011-20126.080
5.Nanocomposites polymeriques inorganiques-organiques ayant des proprietes megnetiques et electriques speciales, a base des poudres obtenues par spray drying - NAPOMELInter-academic ProjectCodirector2012-2013Romanian Academy Funds

National Projects:
No.Project nameProgramFunctionPeriodValue
1.Fibers and membranes from polymer alloy acrylic copolymersANSTIcoordinator2000-20025.730
2.Bioactive fibersANSTIcoordinator2000-20026.200
3.New materials, bioactive and biocompatible for textile industryMatnantechpartner2001-200412.000
4.Fibrous composites with selective enzymatic activity in polysaccharides depolymerisationMatnantechpartner2003-20056.454
5.Textile electroconductive materials based on metallic powdersMatnantechcoordinator2004-200637.878
6.Ecological polymeric adhesive compositesRelansincoordinator2004-200636.363
7.Technology for chemical recycling of poly(ethylenterephthalate) (PET) wastes from food packaging, in order to obtain intermediates for thermo insulation polyurethane foamsMenercoordinator2004-200640.000
8.Recycling of polyester wastes resulted from packaging industry (especially beverage bottles)in order to obtain polymeric materials, environmental friendlyNucleucoordinator200520.000
9.Alternative procedure for preparing ecological polyesters dispersionsInventcoordinator2005-200656.714
10.Inorganic-organic hybrid nanostructures using serpentinite and vinyl polymers for the manufacture of advanced compositesCEEXcoordinator2005-2008454.545
11.Molecularly imprinted polymers - supports for the achieving of enzyme biosensors for water pollutants monitoringCEEXpartner2005-200854.545
12.Recovery of polymer wastes - chemical recycling (for PET packages) and/or physical recycling (for polymer composites wastes)Sectorialcoordinator2006-200754.285
13.Technologies for recycling phthalic anhydride residues resulted from o-xylene vapor phase oxidation procedure for phthalic anhydride manufactureSectorialcoordinator2006-200770.000
14.Imprinted polymeric structures for the molecular recognition of bioactive compounds from phytoextractsCEEXpartner20060-2008136.360
15.Acrylic copolymers for multifunctional textile finishingNucleucoordinator2006-200862.121
16.Unsaturated resins obtained from PET wastes, for construction industryNucleucoordinator2007-200885.714
17.Biodegradable coating materials from water dispersible co-polyesters obtained by chemical recycling of PET wastes Parteneriatecoordinator2007-2010571.428
18.New polymeric nanocomposites with high fire resistance for the aeronautic industryParteneriatepartner2007-201085.714
19.Advanced coating materials, environmental friendly, for protection of metallic substrates Parteneriatepartner2007-201057.142
20.Hybrid composites based on recycled polystyrene for the thermal rehabilitation of the buildingsParteneriatepartner2007-2010125.000
21.Ceramic foams from polymer nanocomposites, for the treatment of flow gas streams released by thermo-power stationsParteneriatecoordinator2008-2011500.000
22.Biosensors based on covalently immobilized enzymes on polymers for monitoring the nitrites and nitrates from human water consumptionParteneriatecoordinator2008-2011500.000
23.Composite armors for multiple threats protectionParteneriatepartner2008-2011500.000
24.New hybrid inorganic-organic nanocomposites obtained by the vinyl monomers polymerization in inorganic mesoporous structuresNucleucoordinator2009-201275.000
25.Thermally cured coil-coatings systems based on polyesters and reactive ecological diluents derived from renewable resourcesNucleucoordinator2009-201260.000
26.Exploitation of spontaneous flora resources by nanotechnology for the obtaining of high bioactive hypericin concentrates - SPOFLORAHYPPN IIcoordinator2012-2015650.000
27.Superabsorbents biopolymer materials for agriculture uses - SABIOMPN IIpartner2012-2015145.000
28.Drug delivery hybrids based on polymers and porous clay heterostructures - DELPOCLAYPN IIpartner2012-2015106.000