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SHORT VISITS to European research centres - (Completed)

According with WP1 from our project, after two brokerage events we tried to reinforce the results of these meetings with an intensive program of two short visits in centers which express their interest in a common proposal in order to prepare the work in the project.

Thus, the first short visit was performed by Dr. Dan Donescu, the coordinator of ENPONA project, at the Polymer Institute from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, between 1st and 7th March 2006.

The main goal, based on brokerage events, common activity fields, common results and our long collaboration, was to identify the best ways to continue our good partnership in ECFP projects. Considering all of these, plus the expertise of our groups and scientific instruments and facilities, we concluded that would be useful and efficient for both of our groups to find (based on Express of Interest received during the brokerage events organized by Romanian group) and participate together in scientific consortiums in order to have the initiative in preparing small and medium-size projects with other European partners such as STREP, NEST, SSA or RTN (interdisciplinary and intersectorial) and ESR (for Early Stage Researchers) and to become partners in IP and NoE projects.

The second short visit was performed by Dr. Cristian Petcu, the vice-coordinator of ENPONA project, at the School of Chemistry, Physics and Electronic (CPE), Lyon, France, between 20th and 27th March 2006.

This destination was selected due to a long and fruitful collaboration between Romanian group and French group leaded by Prof. Thierry Hamaide. Moreover, this visit represented an extension of useful discussions from our first brokerage event, which holds in September 2005, in Romania.

During this short visit it were discussed many interesting aspects regarding our common scientific fields and future possible studies. Prof. Thierry Hamaide introduced Dr. Cristian Petcu to Prof. Yves Chevalier from LAGEP Company and to Prof. Marie-Alexandrine Bolzinger from Medicine and Pharmacy University of Lyon. Dr. Cristian Petcu presented to his hosts some of newest and interesting results regarding polymeric nanoparticles, obtained by Romanian group.

Following these meetings were established few collaboration directions with each French groups. Thus, Prof. Yves Chevalier was very interested for a future ECFP collaboration, especially in FP7 Program. We had preliminary discussions regarding the specific topic and possible partners for both, large (IP) project and medium-small (STREP) project. We agreed to use common expertise to be able to prepare a project about polymer-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles used in cosmetics and pharmacy.

As he informed us at brokerage meeting held in Romania, Prof. Thierry Hamaide was interested in future academic projects collaboration with our group, in synthesis of modified polycaprolactame with suitable copolymers, in order to make it dispersible in water to be used in medicine applications.

Prof. Marie-Alexandrine Bolzinger from Medicine and Pharmacy University of Lyon was also very interested in possible medicine applications for our polymer nanoparticles. Considering the time until starting the first calls for FP7 Program, we established together a common schedule to perform some preliminary experiments, to find real interesting applications and to find complementary skills partners from academic and industrial field to form a strong research consortium.