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One of the main goals of WP2 from our project is oriented to specific activities for training young researchers, to complete their expertise with new skills and extend their competence in nanoscience field. For that, we sent three of young researchers, which are also PhD students, to be trained in host institutions located in the most important Western European specialized centers, with high level equipment and prestigious, with the experimental techniques applicable for the studies of novel nanostructured polymeric materials synthesis and characterization.

I. Mr. Cosmin Corobea performed his first training stage regarding the enhancement of the scientific and technical research level on the nanotechnology field at the Polymer Institute from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, from 1st until 31st March 2006.

The main topic refers to the nanotechnology filed. The objective was to design, synthesize and characterizes new hybrid structure as hybrid nanolatexes. The experimental results were very encouraging regarding the influence of the inorganic partner both on nanolatexes obtaining and naoparticles characteristics.

The Training Stage was a good opportunity to see other UE laboratory groupís activity to work with them to be trained in specific nanotechnology methods. Another benefit was to establish new contacts for future collaborations. All the objectives were accomplished. All the scientific data were valuable for a future publication on ISI journals. The scientific dataís opened a way for future collaboration may be in a UE project.

II. Ms. Raluca Mocanu performed a training stage at Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Science, Department of Polymerization Reaction and Chromatography between 1st and 31st March 2006.

Her objectives were to obtain stable latexes with/without layered silicates; study of conversions and polymerizations rates; influence of layered silicates nature, initiator concentration on the conversion, rate of polymerization, particle size, molecular weight, polydispersity degree.

All the objectives were successfully accomplished. The scientific data are very useful for a future scientific paper. New management skills were developed. All the results were disseminated in the group area.

III. Ms. Raluca Somoghi performed a training stage at Lyon School of Chemistry, Physics and Electronic (CPE) between 20th March and 19th April 2006.

The main scientific objectives were to learn the procedure of dispersing the modified silica in water, to do some sample with some modified silica from the LAGEP laboratories, to try the same experiment with some silica obtained in the Romanian laboratories and finally, to compare the results.

All the objectives were accomplished with the possibility to continue the experiments in Romania, and to try the same procedure with different types of synthesized polymers. The scientific data obtained at CPE Lyon (LAGEP laboratories) are very useful for a future paper. All the results were disseminated in the group area.