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At this activity the following tasks were performed:

Task 1 Acquisition announcement
The bid session for the acquisition was organized including publicity, publishing announcements and organizing for the activity regarding upgrading equipment in WP3 that has as objective purchasing of new research equipment.

Task 2 Acquisition equipments
This process involved following activities for each equipment: marketing, technical selection, acquisition, transport and custom documents, creating adequate working conditions in institute laboratories. According with Technical Annex were acquired following instruments:
- Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM);
- Measurement System of Particles Dimensions (by Dynamic Light Scattering), Molecular Weight and Z Potential (DLS);
- UV-VIS spectrophotometer (UV-VIS);
- FT-IR spectrophotometer (FT-IR);
- Audio-Video System.

The equipments were acquired from prestigious European Companies (FEI-Holland, Malvern Instruments-United Kingdom, Brucker-Germany, Thermo Electron-United Kingdom, Common-Romania). All equipments were delivered in time, at negotiated prices and in full configuration with all devices, as specified in each Acquisition Contract. Also, all instruments are installed and now are working at full capacity in the best condition to ensure best quality exploitation.

Task 3 Installing and testing new equipments
In the Acquisition Contracts for all these instruments, were negotiated that in installation and put in function step of the equipment, the Purchase Company to assure training stages with participation of their specialists and whole interested personnel of Polymer Department. They were organized too, a special training meetings for young researchers hired in ENPONA project.