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Senior researcher I, PhD
E-mail: ;   
Phone: 021.316.30.93 (132)


1999-2003: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Radiochemistry Department, Theme: "The phenolic antioxidants used for protection of polyolefines against termooxidation".
2003-2005: master diploma, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Physical-Chemistry and Applied Radiochemistry Department, Theme: "Study of radiooxidation and termooxidation of some plastic materials".
2005-2009: PHD student, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Physical-Chemisty Department, Theme: "Physical-Chemistry of polymeric-inorganic hybrid materials".

Position:  Senior researcher I, dr. chem., INCDCP-ICECHIM, Polymer Department.

Affiliations:   Romanian Chemistry Society.

Research Areas:

- Synthesis of filmogen nanohybrids doped with metallic nanoparticles (Ag, Pd); synthesis of hybrid materials using cationic dyes and/or polyether polyols.
- Filmogen nanohibrids with physical-chemistry properties modified according as nature of reactive components.
-  Nanostructural study on optical, physical-chemical properties of hybrids through FTIR and UV-VIS spectrometry, ESEM, thermogravimetrical analysis.

Languages:  english - good; russian - intermediary.

Associated projects:

-  European Project FP6: Enhancement the quality participation at FP6 projects in the polymer nanomaterials field - ENPONA (participant)
-  Grant PN-II-TD: Comparative study of same organic-inorganic hybrids synthesized by sol-gel process using different cross-linking agents (Project manager)
-  PNII-Ideas: Polymer composites based on nanosilica networks grew through "soft" methods on nanolamellare entities (SILICORE) (participant)
-  CEEX: Inorganic laminated-polymer nanocomposites as ranforsate hybrids at nanometric scale (participant)
-  CEEX: Surface phenomenon and disperse systems organization with anisotrop fluids (participant)
-  CEEX: Advanced multifunctional materials doped with silver nanopowders (participant)
-  CEEX: Integrated scientific network for development of multifunctional polymer materials based on knowledge (participant)
-  CEEX: New Nanostructured Materials with Controlled Properties and Biomedical Applications (participant)
-  CEEX: Chromogen-polymeric composite systems for photoinduced surface structures and selective ion sensors (participant)
-  TCP IAEA ROM 04/029: Strengthening the Infrastructure for the Decommissioning of the Research Reactor at Magurele - Bucharest (participant)
-  BOA 3JOO201: ANL-DOE-SUA - Work Order #4: Safety for Interim Wet Pool Fuel Storage At the VVR-S Research Reactor Facility (participant)


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