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TA Q5000 IR Instrument (TGA)

Technical specifications:
- Weighting capacity: 100 mg
- Weighting precision: ± 0.01%
- Sensitivity: < 0.1 µg (1 ppm)
- Signal resolution: 0.002µg
- Temperature range: ambient to 1,200°C
- Furnace type: infrared heating with built-in
  electromagnetic coil for automated temperature calibration
- Isothermal temperature accuracy: ±1°C
- Isothermal temperature precision: ±0.1°C
- Linear heating rates: 0.1 ÷ 500°C/min in 0.01°C/min
- Ballistic heating rates: up to 2,000°C/min
- Special heating mode: Hi-Res TGATM and Modulated TGATM
- Autosampler: 25 sample carousel with automated pan punching

      Sample Pans: Platinum 50, 100 µL, Platinum-HT, 100 µL, Ceramic 100, 250 µL, Aluminium 80 µL, Aluminium sealed pan 20 µL. Platinum pans are recommended for most applications (ambient to 700°C) for inertness and ease of cleaning. For operation to 1200°C the ceramic pans (with ceramic bale) are recommended. The larger pan is best for higher volume/low density samples such as foams. The aluminum pans are also used in conjunction with aluminum lids to provide the sealed pan system. These new pans are designed exclusively for the Q5000 IR.

High Resolution TGATM (Hi-Res TGA)
     Hi-Res TGA is a patented furnace control technology that produces significant improvements over standard linear heating rate TGA in the separation of closely occurring decomposition events. Both the Q5000 IR and the Q500 designs are ideal for this purpose, with rapid response furnaces for tight precise temperature control and sensitive thermobalances designed to quickly detect small weight changes. Hi-Res TGA is defined as an advanced heater control technology to optimize weight loss resolution using the following (3) modes. All modes are used to separate overlapping transitions:

     1) Dynamic Heating Rate to automatically and continuously change heating rate as a function of decomposition (sample weight loss)
     2) Constant Reaction Rate to automatically and continuously change heating rate to achieve a pre-determined rate of sample decomposition expressed in %/min.
     3) Stepwise Isothermal to automatically change from heating to an isothermal hold when preselected limits of weight loss in %/min are met

Modulated TGATM
     Modulated TGA is defined as:
     - The ability to apply sinusoidal temperature wave to a sample. Amplitude of sine wave: ± 0.01 la 10°C, period from 100 to 1000 seconds;
     - Calculates and displays on a continuous basis, real time, the following kinetic parameters of decomposition: Activation energy (kJ/mol), Log (Pre-exponential factor) (1/min), ln (rate ratio), Weight amplitude (mg/min), Modulated Temp (°C);
     - Delivers above kinetic parameters of decomposition in a single scan (data file); no need for multiple scans;
     - Kinetic parameters calculated using a Discrete Fourier Transformation;
     - Can modulate temperature during quasi-isothermal methods to evaluate the decomposition kinetics of a single weight loss;
     - Can be used with the HiRes (variable heating rate) temperature programs so as to reduce test time.

     TGA is particularly useful for the following measurements: Thermal stability, Decomposition kinetics, Composition, Estimated lifetime, Oxidative stability, Moisture and volatile contents. This instrument can be used for: characterization of hydrates, accurate residuals and quantification of filler content, faster separations, flame retardant test and simplified Curie point temperature calibration.