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International Projects:
Nr. crt.Project titleProgramPeriodValue
1.Conversion of phytogenic silica reach food industry by-products into value-added products - CONVERT-SIERA-IB2016-201837.000
2.High Aspect Ratio Carbon-based Nanocomposites - HARCANAPC7-Large2008-2012526.000
3.Enhancement the quality participation at fp6 projects in the polymer nanomaterials field - ENPONAPC6-SSA2005-2008750.000
4.A fundamental study of the processing-structure-properties of nanocomposites for industrial applications - PRONACOMPC5-IP2002-2005177.400

National Projects:
Nr. crt.Project titleProgramPeriodValue
1.Optimization and validation of an advanced material and technology default based on biopolymer-modified clay as carriers for controlled release of doxorubicin in gastrointestinal tract
(romanian version)
2.Novel anti-corrosion and anti-icing ZnO nanostructured materials obtained by "ecofriendly" methods
(romanian version)
3.Increasing performance/ competitiveness by improving the technology of smart products fabrication with superior biocompatibility and antibacterial properties for cosmeto-medical applicationsPN III
4.Contributions to enhancing the Sanimed SRL's competitiveness by the knowledge assimilation and potential production implementation of some 3D collagen-polymer hybrid matrices intended to tissue repairPN III
5.Multifunctional and innovative products for safe and bioenhanced functional food from newly cultivated plants in RomaniaPN II
6.Solutions to obtain automotive parts with icephobic and dirtphobic properties made of polypropylene and polycarbonatePOS-CCE2013-2015200.000
7.Thermosensitive energy saving systems with tailored solar reflecting/absorbing properties for construction structuresPN II
8.Polymeric nanocomposites obtained through polymerization in aqueous medium in the presence of superhidrophobic layered silicatesPN II
9.Polymer composites based on nanosilica networks grew through -soft- methods on nanolamellare entitiesPN II
10.High aspect ratio carbon-based nanocompositesPN II2008-2012126.800
11.Medical device for articular diseases treatment based on nanomaterials and magnetic field effectsPN II2008-2011108.000
12.Eco-efficient solutions for plastic waste management using degradative potential of biological systemsPN II2008-201148.600
13. Design and development of innovative biotechnologies to obtain monascus sp. nanosamples with potential applications in therapyPN II2008-201140.500
14.Creating a centre of expertise for the characterization of polymer nanocompositesPN II
15.Nanocomposites with electric and magnetic properties for high selective separative processesPN II2007-2010167.000
16.New Nanostructured Materials With Controlled Properties And Biomedical ApplicationsCEEX2006-200889.706
17.Chromogen-polymeric composite systems for photoinduced surface structures and selective ion sensorsCEEX2006-200888.235
18.Therapeutic Nanostructured Iridoids Bio-Products Obtained from Romanian Vegetal SpeciesCEEX2006-200858.824
19.Radiolabeled micro and nanospheres for cancer therapyCEEX2006-200829.412
20.Surface phenomena and organization in disperse systems with anisotropic fluidsCEEX2005-200840.000
21.Integrated scientific network for multifunctional polymeric materials development based on knowledgeCEEX2005-200851.429
22.Nano-composites polymers-inorganic layers used like strengthen hybrids at nano-scaleCEEX2005-200885.714
23.Multi-functional advanced materials with silver nano-powders additionCEEX2005-200857.142
24.Textile printing digitization technologies and products complex integrated systemCEEX2005-200828.572
25.Increasing the quality of involvement in PC6 project in polymeric nano-materials fieldPNCDI2005-200644.681
26.Polymer-inorganic nano-composites obtained in aqueous dispersionsPNCDI2004-200622.378
27.Optical non-linearity in materials having structures below wave lengthPNCDI2004-20067.684
28.Magnetic properties and controlled selectivity nano-compositesPNCDI2004-20064.571
29.Fundamental principles regarding films generator polymer-inorganic nano-hybrids obtainingPNCDI2002-200413.484
30.Substrate nano-dispersion deposition - sensors, pigments, biologic active products and catalysersPNCDI2001-200410.127
31.Polymers-alumina hybrid materialsANSTI2001-20022.446
32.Polymer-inorganic nano-composites obtained by radical and sol-gel proceduresANSTI2001-20026.452
33.Polymer-pollutant complexes from aqueous systemsANSTI2001-20024.114
34.Polymeric micro-dispersions preparation and characterizationANSTI2000-20015.730
35.Polymer-surfactant complexes from aqueous systemsANSTI2000-20012.371