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Freeze Dryers Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrators
Instrument: ALPHA 1-2 LDplus, CHRIST

Freeze drying means: Extraction of water from frozen material. The drying process takes place by avoiding the liquid state through sublimation, i.e. direct conversion from ice to vapour. This happens under vacuum and the temperature in the product is normally less than -10°C.

The aim of freeze drying is to obtain an easily water soluble product which will have the same characteristics as the original product after addition of water.

As the drying process takes place in frozen state at very low temperatures it is possible to dry e.g. proteins which will not denature. Also most of the other chemical compounds will be qualitatively and quantitatively unchanged. Lyophilisation is the best method when drying inorganic products e.g. nanoscale dispersions - the particles surfaces of which should remain unchanged. The freeze dryer ALPHA 1-2 LDplus is a high-performance universal laboratory and pre-production unit for freeze drying of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials, glass flesks, plasma bottles or dishes. All operations necessary for freeze drying can be realized in one and the same unit:

- Freezing of the products (uncontrolled shelf surface temperature);
- Freeze drying (sublimation) if the products at user-defined temperature limit values and pressure limit values;
- Final drying of the products at user-defined temperature limit values and high final vacuum for the removal of capillarily or molecularly bound water.

Technical Specifications:
- Dimensions (w x h x d) - 315 x 345 x 460mm (incl. vacuumflange connection)
- Electrical supply: 230V, 50Hz
- Ambiental temperature: +10 ÷ +25°C