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The Heterogeneous Systems Group has a prestigious activity in the polymerization field, evidenced by numerous scientific papers published in journals with high impact factor. The group aims is to develop activities of creation, selection and manufacture of nanocomposite materials, technologies and applications of the nanomaterials (medical, environmental and electronic devices).

The members of Heterogeneous Systems Group are scientists with well-established national and international scientific recognition, together with many young researchers, most of them being specialized in prestigious research laboratories. In 2012, following a process of institutional evaluation and certification, our group received a rating of Excellent from the committee of international experts.

The group has a good research activity in few fundamental and applicative projects supported by National Research, Development and Innovative Program - PNCDI. At European level, our group has coordinated a project with acronym ENPONA within FP6-SSA programme and participated as a beneficiary in the projects HARCANA (programme FP7-Large) and PRONACOM (FP5-IP programme), priority Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. Also, our group was involved in bilateral programs with universities and institutes from France, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Italy.

In collaboration with other universities, the Heterogeneous Systems Group has a good experience in educational program at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level and the experience of their scientists offer good conditions to organize training in many specialties. Due to its location, in the middle of the academic and high-technology industrial environment, our group has a good collaboration with many universities and institutes, which allow offering complementary expertise in different research fields.

Express of Interest Fields:
- Polymer-inorganic hybrids obtained by sol-gel process and/or melting intercalation processing
- Polymer-inorganic functional nanoparticles obtained in disperse media
- Hybrid nanocomposites obtained by Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte deposition
- Polymeric nanoparticles and thin films for biomedical applications
- Hybrid magnetic-polymer nanoparticles for drug delivery systems and biosensors
- Emulsion and microemulsion polymerization with functional monomers
- Multifunctional polymer electrolytes
- Core-shell micro- and nanoparticles
- Customer designed synthesis for new biocompatible polymers
- Micro- and nanoparticles with controlled properties
- Specific, high technology, analyses and characterizations for polymer nanoparticles.